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This year, we're turning it up to 11!

Registration will open 11/11 at 11:11 am (CST).  Please visit our website for more details, including schedule, bios, etc: http://www.austinbluesparty.com/ 

11 years. That's one louder, isn't it? This big damn party keeps getting bigger (and damner). Come on home to Texas and party with us!  We'll have three official nights of dancing (plus pre-parties and after-parties), two days of workshops that will blow your mind, friendly competitions to inspire, and live music (Austin is, after all, the live music capital of the world). Experience the biggest damn party around!

What makes ABP Special:
-Party atmosphere
-Texas hospitality
-Pre-parties and after-parties featuring live music (Austin *is* the live music capital of the world)
-Fun competitions that celebrate social dancing
-We'll show you the city with our Dance-Only Experience
-Austin is beautiful in the springtime 
-All-star cast of instructors
-The best music makers from Texas and beyond

Live Music: On friday, the Eastside Kings led by Eddie Stout and featuring at least three yet to be announced special guest stars!
On saturday, Devin jones and the Uptown Stomp

Instructors: Damon Stone, Julie Brown, Timothy O'Neill, Mike Legenthal, Dan Legenthal, Grace Jones-Taylor, Ross Blythe, Cierra Ruffin, Nathaniel M. Abrea, Dexter Santos, and Anna Washenko

DJs: Anna Washenko, Katie Alexa, Chris Wolfesmith, Thain Maurer, Grace Jones-Taylor, Sonja Hartley, Jeramy Garner and Julie Brown

Newcomer J&J (Friday)
Big Damn Social Dance J&J (Saturday)
B.Y.O.P. (Strictly)(Sunday)

March 1-5, 2018

RSVP to our Facebook event for regular updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/1381655011895793/

And join our Facebook group for future ABPs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/11764041065/ 

Austin Blues Party 11

Who's coming?!

Name City
David Adams Austin, TX
Femi Akingbala San Antonio, TX
Cassie Anderson San Mateo, CA
Kelsey Arnold Austin, TX
Angelica Atienza San Antonio, TX
Helene Barhaugh Bloomington, Minnesota
Amy Blank Brighton, MA
Jory Bowers Portland, OR
Zachary Brass Somerville, MA
Bill Brodie New York, NY
Sara Brothers Austin, TX
Amie Campbell Abilene, Texas
Melody Caron Corvallis, OR
Tito Chavez-Nguyen Eugene, OR
Philip Dennis San Antonio, TX
Nick DeWitt Austin, TX
Katy Elder Rochester, NY
Kara Fabina colorado springs, CO
Jonathan Fisher Dallas, TX
Chris Galecki Seattle, WA
Lance Gatlin Atlanta, GA
Amanda Gerken Washington, DC
Tryston Gilbert Madison, AL
Zandra Gilmore Austin, TX
Rachel Hebert Austin, TX
Robyn Heffler Houston , Texas
Trenton Henrichson Austin, tx
Alex Adonis Herold San Diego, CA
Stephen Jackson Wilmington, DE
John Jennings Austin, Texas
Courtney Jewett San Antonio, TX
Clair Johnson Arlington, Tx
Robert Jones san antonio, TX
Grace Jones-Taylor Austin, TX
Lisa Jordan Seattle, WA
Donna Kachinski Missouri City , Texas
Roumen Kaiabachev Austin, TX
Emma Kalmbach Austin, TX
Rhonda Karcher-Logan Austin , TX
MaryLynn Kemp Abilene, TX
Elizabeth Kilrain La Mesa, CA
Shawna Klein Costa Mesa, CA
Ashley Kopczynski Houston, TX
Jon Lewis Austin, Texas
Annette Luther Austin, TX
Tim Margheim Austin, TX
Jay Michael Austin, TX
Joshua Miller Austin, TX
Marsha Mitchell Austin, TX
Nhu-Mai Nguyen Houston, TX
Marci Novak Dallas, TX
Susan Olson Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca Phillips Houston, Texas
Kristen Ragnacci Hopkins, Mn
Matthew Rapp Philadelphia, PA
Katie Reid Morrison, CO
Ally Rice San Diego, CA
Illyana Runnels Austin, Texas
Zarina Saidova Austin, Texas
Miguel San Pedro Port Hueneme, CA
Maya Seaman Portland, OR
Nienke Sexton Houston, TX
Sarah Stephens Austin, TX
Rachel Stirling Portland, OR
GT Tan Santa Fe, NM
Christina Tannert Austin, Tx
Vivian Tong Austin, TX
Emily Troe Minneapolis, MN
John Vigil Albuquerque, NM
Kristin Walker Eugene, OR
Michael Walsh Chicago, IL
Kelsey Wayman Fort Collins, CO
Veronika Werner Richardson, TX
Stewart Wheeler ringgold, Georgia
Christopher Wolfesmith Austin, Texas
Karen Yang Austin, TX

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